Benefits of a global network - JCI Membership

People join JCI for lots of different reasons, but everyone is passionate about making a change to their lives, and the lives of others. I think it is really important to understand the many reasons to join for JCI. For many the reasoning behind JCI membership also develops during time.

It doesn´t matter, if you are a young professional looking to develop leadership skills to help you further your career or eager to make a lasting impact in your local community. It is also okay to desire the opportunity to travel to exciting new places and meet people from all over world.

I am a partner and lawyer at a company called Law and Water Ltd, where services are based on the combination of juridical and engineering know-how. We offer legal and water technology related services for companies and public sector entities. Assignments are related to water quality, industrial waste waters, environmental permits and procurements.

For us in our company the benefits of JCI Membership are definitely advantages of a global network. Many businesses have international dimensions, eg. foreign suppliers or customers, overseas branches or staff with a foreign background. We are happy to belong to a global network of similar businesses and persons, because it helps us to manage international dimensions better and to benefit from them.

Benefits of belonging to a international network can include opportunities to:
  • network with both business and personal of over 200,000 International JCI Members & their businesses

  • engage in skills building and training processes

  • become involved with mostly free social activities, events, trainings

  • travel to annual local & national conventions, European Conferences as well as to World Congress

  • exercise twinning with other countries and to set up twinning exchanges to facilitate understanding, to help and share practices and knowledge

  • improve your understanding of a foreign market or industry/sector through your network, such as regulations and documentation, customs or licensing authorities

  • receive information on developments and market understanding, employment processes, export/import procedures

  • meet potential suppliers or new customers

  • join projects and get involved in business orientated projects in a Learn by Doing organization. Being part of a group that has a positive impact in our community and involved with other communities in our local City & Country is definitely a positive business advantage

  • personal development and growth, and also training abroad. In JCI we run training sessions on a diverse range of subjects including project management, presenting and personality skills, managing finances and digital media.

  • apply for Board Member Positions, and afterwards continue (where possible) to gain experience & skills at National / International positions.

If you answered yes to any of these opportunities, then JCI is for you and to your company or employer! This is a perfect match also for me and my business partner PhD Niina Vieno at Law & Water Ltd. We are keen to develop and learn.

Above mentioned opportunities are also the reason, why I am running for Executive Vice President for International Affairs. I think it is important to actively participate in communication of these opportunities. I also think it would be important to have an education module on internationalization as part of the leadership path and JCI 3LED -program. We could also educate our INT and IPRO officers in board academies. In this way, we can promote the internationalization of local chambers and assist our members to receive more added value. These are also my election promises.

Board Members in Action!

Finally, let me say the last point, why I am running for Executive Vice President for International Affairs and what are the benefits of a JCI Membership.

I wish to become more professional in bigger board member positions. In connection with my work, the working as chairman of the board or as board member has become familiar to me, but I am keen on engaging in skills building. I have also always been socially active and held various positions of trust over the years, such as positions in JCI Aurajoki, Turku Chamber of Commerce, Law Committee and Nordea Bank Finland. However, one of my future career plans is to become a board member professional and I see this campaign fo EVP International Affairs as an opportunity to personal development and growth. That’s why I am running. Please make it happen and support me!

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