Developing Leaders for a Changing World

As you know, JCI members share a passion to challenge and develop themselves. They understand that developing their skills helps improve the world around them. JCI slogan Developing Leaders for a Changing World could also be ours in Law and Water Ltd. Our passion is to find the best solution for our clients in challenging tasks. We are an objective and agile company, but also committed.

Identifying and developing future leaders is a concern for all companies, regardless of size, sector, market or function. For me, JCI is a great way to meet new people and create a local, national and international network. I am truly happy to combine my business, expertise and JCI. We share the understanding that our planet faces massive economic, social and environmental challenges. We see this as an opportunity.

We also believe companies can contribute through their core activities and for example the SDGs provide business with a powerful framework to translate global needs and ambitions into business solutions. For us this is also a challenge. The SDGs will not be achieved without a significant contribution from the private sector.

Wastewater treatment plant

In our business we emphasize the importance of innovative and environmentally sustainable solutions and technologies for our customers, as well as their impact on the lifecycle of their services and our environment. We are committed to promote responsible decision-making and also recommend solutions that can secure a more sustainable future and promote accountability beyond the minimum level of legislation.

Through our activities, we contribute to the development of sustainable cities, towns and communities and to the creation of sustainable infrastructure to make cities carbon neutral. We recommend more effective solutions to manage nutrient and chemical emissions from communities and thus contribute to the protection of waterways and seas. We also participate in pro bono -projects to promote more responsible business and to develop legislation.

We are eager to make a lasting impact in our local and global community. I am campaigning for EVP International Affairs, because I wish to promote the internationalization of Finns and our members of JCI. I am the best choice for this position, because I have the understanding of the entity of our global network and its added value for the members.

Because of my background, my next year's focus areas are

  1. to advance business skills,

  2. to empower twinning and

  3. to impact globally.

With these focus areas we can really make a positive change and influence. I wish to share my stories and inflame a similar spark that has kindled in me.

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